Develop Irresistible Identity Strategies

Venn Factory believes in making the future of identity actionable. We drive identity, security, and privacy success in the connected world by helping enterprises and technology vendors develop irresistible identity strategies that are poised to have immediate operational impact.


Proportion of authentication requests from credential stuffing bots and other malicious automated systems (F5 2023 Identity Threat Report)


Increase in cloud environment intrusions using valid credentials (Crowdstrike 2024 Global Threat Report)

Navigate the Stormy Seas of Identity and Security

Identity and access management (IAM) is fast becoming crucial to enterprise security, privacy, and user experience. But its growing role as a workforce, B2B, and consumer-facing foundation has provoked uncertainty.

How to tackle digital transformation while preventing fraud? How to build customer value using nascent identity standards? How to account for the governance of the identity data you handle?

At Venn Factory, we help you overcome these obstacles and thrive in the connected world.

Unlock the Power of Identity In Your Strategy

Our actionable insights are grounded in both the art and the possible. We always start with your "why," collaborating with you to ground strategic insights and innovation initiatives in your organization’s distinctive attributes.

Eve Maler Nasdaq

Meet Eve Maler:

Identity Futurist and Strategist

Eve Maler, founder of Venn Factory, is a globally recognized pioneer in identity and access management and standards. With her extensive experience as CTO of ForgeRock and as a Forrester Research analyst, Eve brings unparalleled expertise to help you navigate the complex world of identity, security, and privacy.

What Others Say

Eve did an amazing job facilitating Kantara’s strategy planning session and capturing the work. It feels thorough, actionable, practical, and yet also like we are reaching for our aspirations.
Kay Chopard
Exec Director of Kantara Initiative, Former Executive Director of Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG)
I engaged Eve for a keynote at the CISO Roundtable of the Cloud Security Alliance, Atlanta Chapter. She delivered an accessible and engaging session packed with thought leadership. The CISO of a $19B company personally thanked me for including Eve as an anchor to the evening’s program.
Ed Pascua
President, Cloud Security Alliance, Atlanta Chapter Founder | Principal, CyberRisk Partners
As an advisor to our leadership team, Eve has been insightful in shaping our strategic direction and her direct conversations and dialogue are impactful, timely, and invaluable. I highly recommend Venn Factory’s services to anyone looking to develop solid identity strategies with broadly applicable business impact.
Rob Fry
CTO & Co-Founder, AKA Identity
I have had the privilege of being mentored by Eve. Her skills, experience and passion have allowed me to better navigate the complexities of this ever-evolving industry. Her support has been pivotal in my career and has accelerated my professional growth.
IAM Executive
Director of a Fortune Global 500 financial services firm

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